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Nissan Leaf 2018- Just doesn't start aa dongle

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Michel Kruijs
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Hi, I've got my carpc dongle. But, it just won't start in my 2018 Nissan Leaf. I've even update the firmware, and yes, via windows-pc I can see what's on the dongle. But in my car, it just won't work! I've tried my neighbours' car.. and yes, it works.


Can anyone relate or even has a sollution? Right now I've spend money, but it's useless 🙁


KG, Michel 

AP756 - Fred
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Michel, I believe the problem is your head unit which doesn't switch to the correct transfer protocol. 

One solution (probably) to make it work in your car: Start CarPC in your friends car, go to Settings -> Automatic launching and turn it on. Please take your time (CarPC reboots). When finished you can change cars and try it again in your Leaf.

If it still doesn't work you have to investigate the settings in your head unit and ask your Nissan dealer...

Bye for now  Fred 

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