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Ford Clancy
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I have not had good luck with the prototype.

I haven't been able to use it very much. Originally, I could not get audio or Bluetooth to work, and I sent a message (improperly) to that effect. I explained that I have a local (in-car) hotspot, and I wished to use that, rather than use my phone as the hotspot. I was given some hints, but I was unable to execute them, because:

1. I haven't had the opportunity to spend much time with the car and CarPC...

2. When I did get some time, I found the screen totally blank apparently the car had done an update of some sort, and the next day, CarPC booted to a blank screen. Thus I could not access anything.

So my question is: How do I reset in some way?


AP756 - Fred
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@ford Clancy, first of all please try in another car (friends car, car dealership), this way the screen routine will be hopefully reset and CarPC will work again with your car. If this fails there is no "nondestructive" method for the time being, both ways I describe will kill your data and programs. First is (after installing Vysor or Mirroid on your PC) reset CarPC to Factory settings. Second is a reflash using SPFlashtools as described _here_. Please be very patient when reflashing, it will take some time and probably will go trough another OTA update to reach 2.4.90. Developers trying to work around "The Black Screen Syndrome" which was introduced by the latest update of Android Auto...

Bye for now  Fred