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Request: Possibility to supress update message

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Observation: My Toyota GR Yaris, MY2020 refuses to recognize CarPC AADongle after updating to OS version 2.4.88, after reflashing OS 2.4.86 it connects again. On the other hand my Toyota GR86 is not able to run CarPC OS 2.4.86, but OS 2.4.88 runs fine. For my "car fleet" we need both connection protocols. If you use the wrong protocol the LED goes orange in the car (same as when connectd to a PC using ADB)

Analysis: The head units seem to run different connection protocols, these are incompatible to each other.

Solution: Please install the feature that the user can permanently suppress the update notice (every time I startup my GR Yaris CarPC wants to update...). As long as the dongle works there is no need to update. Please modify the update message and add "If your unit connects and works right now please don't update"

Please forward this finding to the developers. Maybe they have an idea how to implement both connection protocols and/or the possibility to supress update messages for head unit which work. Thanks.

Bye for now  Fred

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the reason why we made it required to update is because some people put it off until next time. But when Android Auto updates, then you must do the update. Otherwise, it won't work the next time you plug it in.  I think your unit we will need to get the data log from it and see if we can add compatibility. We have a tutorial on how to get the data log in Chinese. we'll find it and send it over.  thanks

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