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Application issue

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Hi , 


I've just got the Basic version and the NETFLIX app doesn't work it shows black screen for few seconds and pop out to main screen says time out connecting server 


Also another app that I've downloaded from Google store can't enter it says can't enter application that is not from Google store ( and it is from the store) 


hope you can advise for those 2 issues 





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@ronenel, sorry for the late reply. I just started moderating... Are you sure you got a valid Internet connection? Netflix is known to work. Please check the permissions of Netflix and allow what's needed.
Regarding the other program: It's known to me that some programs refuse to work (even if downloaded from Playstore). Sometimes it's just permissions, sometimes there is no chance because parts of the Android implementation are gone bonkers. Let us know which program and we'll search for a workaround (as long as there is no major update).
Bye for now  Fred
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