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mobile network not available

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Ford Clancy
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Fred!!! Help!

I'm trying to connect my phone/data my unit. Data works fine - browsing, etc. I can't call - any call I make gives me "mobile network not available".

Any ideas?



i7even .
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Hello there

Try to change your IMEI refer by ap 756-fred HERE

Follow the steps.

Tell me something, you have data? from the sim card? Or from wifi?

AP756 - Fred
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@ford Clancy, SIM card or bluetooth connection? For SIM connection please check your network provider: Which bands are supported, which network type (2G, 3G, 4G). If you connected your CarPC via Bluetooth to your phone and the Internet using a Wifi hotspot on your phone you should check if your phone is connected to your CarPC and not the head unit. CarPC has to be the master.

Install Blue2Hotspot to your phone from _here_. Start CarPC and connect your phone using Bluetooth to your CarPC (REMOVE any connection phone - head unit, then pair yor phone to CarPC only!). Start Blue2Hotspot and enable hotspot if CarPC is connected. Setup hotspot on your phone and then connect your CarPC to this hotspot, from now on if you start your CarPC it should connect automatically and phone calls are routed to your CarPC.

Bye for now  Fred