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problems after last update

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@fernansm Copied (and some added info) from somewhere in the folum:

  • No light: There is not enough power provided on this USB port to run CarPC.
  • Yellow light: Connection established using ADB bridge (head unit does not talk to CarPC, but when connected to a computer emulator is able to run)
  • Circling blue light: Booting and trying to establish a connection.
  • Steady blue light: Connection through AndroidAuto protocol is established and head unit displays CarPC main screen or waits for a valid screen signal.

Please try to run on another head unit (in a friends car). Send a mail to with following info: Your backer number, the problem (no connection to car head unit), your car make and model, some history (did it work for you before with an older software or did it never ever work) and any additional info which might help the developers to solve your problem.

Bye for now  Fred

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