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Report problems 2.5.18

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Unfortunately I have to report some problems which are not addressed in the recent update. 2.5.18. Please forward to the developers, all these have to be fixed asap.

It is no more possible to make phone calls via a Bluetooth connected phone. The mobile network is unavailable, no BT phone app.
CarLink can't be used because the screen is distorted (the buttons are too big and overlapping).

Android settings crashes often when trying to establish a Bluetooth connection (seems there are missing parts in system.ini)

VPN is not supported, system is cropped (some capabilities removed from system.img).

Actual: Volvo XC60 does not accept CarPC, after some time the orange LED comes on = ADB seems to connect, but no AndroidAuto. Please investigate and solve.

CarPC stops working after OTA update resulting in black screen.

Updates to programs using PlayStore are very slow or don't work at all (for patched versions). User statisfaction is influenced.

This is just a short note, part of the functions promised are still not/no longer working. We are still in beta.

Bye for now  Fred

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A handful of other problems I have encountered with the new firmware:

  • Apple Music, Pocket Casts and other audio players don't work (VLC does work)
  • How do we know when we can update an app or not? (i.e. Android Auto is blocked from updates which I think is important)
  • No way to reset resolution of the screen
  • No power on/off/restart
  • Many apps suffer from a distorted layout
  • What Fred said

Right now, my initial experience with CarPC is that it is fine for playing videos and using the built-in apps but doesn't work for additional apps and features.

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