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Stick now without function

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After more or less a week of semi-acceptable operation of the stick, today I wanted to put it into operation in my other vehicle. The two infotainment systems of the vehicles are identical. Both are Ford Sync 3 with the latest software. In my Ford Focus MK4 the stick worked as described in another topic. Today in the Ford Mustang Gen. 6 there were problems with the GPS signal and suddenly nothing worked anymore. The stick flashes blue, then stays blue, but the CarPC no longer appears on the infotainment screen. The stick got pretty hot in between. I immediately removed it and let it cool down. Now I went to the vehicle where the stick worked, but even there it was only searched for, but no longer found. It is briefly displayed that USB was recognized and there is also a short display that some Android device is connected, but Car PC no longer appears. The stick does not find this Mirroid on the PC either. Here the stick lights up continuously orange. I think something blew up here after a week. That was €130 for nothing. This stick doesn't seem to have been really thought through yet. The fact that it seems to overheat so quickly during normal use and then breaks down is unsatisfactory. 130€ for a week of modest performance and then broken, is not acceptable.