AA Dongle

    • Powerful 2.0Ghz Octa Core A53 CPU
    • Up to 4GB RAM + 64GB Rom
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • Dual Band WiFi
    • USB Plug-n-Play -No expensive installations
    • Play Netflix, YouTube, etc
    • OTA Firmware Upgrades
    • Ceramic GPS Antenna
    • *4G LTE Connectivity
    • *4G Phone Calling
    • *MEMS Dual Mic

* Pro Versions only




Introducing CarPC….

carpc AA Dongle Product image

Make car travel enjoyable again!

carpc aa dongle product image

Why CarPC?


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If you already have Android Auto in your car when you acquired it, chances are you’re hoping you could get more from the large touchscreen display that is your whole in-car entertainment. Well, if only Android Auto weren’t so limited.

You can choose to upgrade your entire head unit to get all the bells and whistles, but that can prove to be expensive, complicated to install, and worse, you might be giving up your warranty.

carpc AA dongle in hand


CarPC is the total solution to the problems found in regular factory-installed Android Auto.    Without needing to replace your touch-capable stereo head unit, CarPC brings you a full and unlimited Android computer experience that you yourself can install in just a matter of seconds.

carpc AA dongle easy installation setup

1. No overly-complicated installation

2. Costs significantly lower than replacing the stereo head unit

3. Saves you the trip to the dealer or a qualified technician for the upgrade

4. Full access to all apps available on the Google Playstore

5. More capable processing power

6. Larger storage and RAM, with option to add even more storage


Yep. There’s absolutely nothing here that you can mess up, even a child can install it faster than you can pull your phone out of your pocket.

carpc AA Dongle based on Android 9.0



One of the biggest features of CarPC, is that unlike regular Android Auto, it gives you the freedom to download any app found on the Google Playstore. There’s close to 2 million apps to choose from!

Carpc AA Dongle plug and play



Nothing to do while parked? Watch movies or TV series on Netflix, Youtube, HBO Go, or any other video-streaming platform, and play sounds through your car’s speakers. Connect your favorite controller via Bluetooth and play your favorite Android games!

carpc AA Dongle entertainment screens


CarPC Features

carpc aa dongle feature


Powerful 2.0Ghz Octa Core A53 CPU

The combined power of eight processor cores running at up to 2.0GHz brings your apps to life! Run apps that are not previously available on the basic Android Auto.

carpc AA Dongle Octacore CPU


Up to 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM

Install apps without sharing storage space with your phone, and without even sharing RAM with it. Total freedom!

Carpc AA Dongle plug and play


Bluetooth 5.0 & WiFi

If you do like to pair your phone with CarPC’s system, that’s possible too. Use your phone’s Spotify playlists, play your videos for everyone in the car to see, read your social media news-feed, among many other things. Talk about convenience!

MicroSD Card Slot

Expandable storage means if you ever need to install more apps, or put your own music and video files, you just need to slide in a memory card, as much as 128GB big.

Ceramic GPS Antenna

Get live traffic information while navigating using Waze or Google Maps. And it’s not just any GPS antenna, it’s a huge upgrade to what’s inside your smartphone. It’s ceramic. Also, it’s built in, no unsightly wires running to the top of your dash.

Carpc AA Dongle plug and play


MEMS Microphone

CarPC uses dual MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) microphones for a crisp and clear voice input for a variety of applications. Be it for voice commands, live dictations, or calls via messenger apps like Skype and Messenger.

carpc AA Dongle dual microphone feature


Easy Firmware Upgrades

Get OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware upgrades either automatically, or you can manually set it as an option.

carpc AA Dongle easy firmware update feature


4G LTE Connectivity + Phone Calling (PRO Version Only)

Carpc AA Dongle plug and play

4G Data

Built-in 4G connectivity allows you to use your SIM card’s data plan. It also allows you to totally free up your phone from CarPC-4G’s operation. There is now no need to connect to your phone’s hotspot. Just insert your SIM card and enter CarPC.

Phone Calling

Independent from your smartphone, use a 3G/4G SIM card on the CarPC-4G to make phone calls right from your car’s head unit. You can use an entirely separate account on your CarPC-4G. Can’t remember where your smartphone is? Call it from the car stereo!

Features Comparison Chart


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Who is the CarPC for?

The CarPC works on head units that has Android Auto factory installed. Most stereos or car models after 2017 support Android Auto. You can view the compatibility list here:

CarPC Compatibility List

carpc AA Dongle product packaging

Who we are

CarPC is a group of computer enthusiasts, business people, and designers, wanting to bring better options for car computers than what is on the market today. We are based in HongKong, Shenzhen and Manila, where technology and traffic are abundant, for our research and design to be up to date with what is happening in the world today.


CarPC Team

jason lead developer

Jason Zhang

Mr. Zhang is the project manager for CarPC. From designing the ID to managing the firmware development and overseeing the production, Jason makes makes sure that CarPC works properly and that production moves smoothly.

james lead firmware developer


James is lead firmware programmer for CarPC. From adding new features, OTA updates and firmware testing, James makes sure CarPC works as it should before the PCBA and production begins.

troy f

Troy F.

Troy is responsible for CarPC’s marketing and product development. From market research, to graphics and product development, Troy helps with just about everything at CarPC.

Why we need your help

The CarPC team prides itself with continuously progressive innovation, and adding value to what we offer. But, we need your help bringing this endeavor out to everyone who needs a CarPC. We have already produced 20 fully functional units and they are already sent out to independent testers all over the world. By supporting our campaign, you help us further develop the CarPC and mass-produce more of this truly wonderful and powerful car computer that people and families can utilize in their car infotainment systems.


Development Timeline:

Feb 2020 – Concept ID Started

Mar 2020 – Firmware development begins

July 2020 – ID Completed

Sept 2020 – Tooling begins

Dec 2020 – Firmware optimized

Feb 2021 – First prototype batch

May 2021 – Tooling edits

Aug 2021 – PCBA redesigned

Nov 2021 – 2nd Prototype batch complete

Jan 2021 – Kickstarter Launched

Feb 2022 – First production batch completed

Mar 2022 – Begin shipping


How we created the CarPC

CarPC Industrial Design

(Concept Drawings)

carpc prototype
ID concept drawings of the CarPC


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical design file being edited


CarPC Tooling Moulds & Injection Molding Process

CarPC Tooling Moulds & Injection Molding Process

CarPC Components

carpc parts


Prototype Assembly Video


CarPC Photo Gallery


carpc aa donglecarpc aa dongle product imagecarpc aa dongle imagecarpc aa dongle sim installing imagecarpc aa dongle product imagecarpc aa dongle carpc aa dongle product image


Please understand that like with any endeavor, there are risks and challenges. We’ve already opened tooling molds, optimized the firmware, and have done several pilot production runs. Nearly 20 reviewers and testers will be receiving a pre-production CarPC unit and will be giving us feedback. We’ll be monitoring the feedback as an unexpected issue or bug is the only challenge we can see in the foreseeable future. We’ve secured resources for components so there are not any visible delays. You may contact us directly at info@carpc.co for any questions you may have.



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