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Kia Stonic non compatibile

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Ho acquistato il CarPc ormai da qualche mese ed ho segnalato subito che non era compatibile con la mia macchina, ho ricevuto una mail dallo staff di carpc con le istruizioni per aggiornare il carpc con spflashtool, ma nonostante io l'abbia aggiornato come da loro richiesto ha continuato a non funzionare premetto che con mirroid sul pc di casa funziona perfettamente. Ho fatto subito richiesta di reso con rimborso ma non è stata ancora accolta. Che delusione 150 euro buttate.


I purchased the CarPc a few months ago and I immediately reported that it was not compatible with my machine, I received an email from the carpc staff with the instructions to update the carpc with spflashtool, but although I updated it as requested by them it still didn't work I state that with mirroid on the home pc it works perfectly. I immediately applied for a return with a refund but it hasn't been accepted yet. What a disappointment, 150 euros wasted.

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(@andrea74), you didn't waste your money. You joined (unintentionally) the beta crew - like me and now you can make a lot of new experiences. CarPC tries to adapt any changes AndroidAuto does, but this seems to be a difficult job. My CarPC worked for a couple of months, then stopped and now seems to work again... There is a chance you'll experience a working solution because there is a new update to version 2.5.24 which tries to solve some problems (possibly yours too).

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