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Proof of concept: CarPC connected to Android tablet

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Ever tried to connect a CarPC to your Android tablet or your Android phone? Out of curiosity I tried that and it works! You need

  • a tablet or a phone which provides enough power to run CarPC (Lenovo Tab10-3.Gen and Samsung Galaxy A34-5G tested)
  • Depending on your hardware an adapter USB A (female) to USB C (male)
  • Software "Headunit Reloaded" downloaded from Playstore

Install headunit Reloaded (first try the test version with 5min limitation) and connect CarPC using the adapter to your tablet. Wait for steady blue light on your CarPC (30-50 seconds). If CarPC doesn't start automatically start Headunit Reloaded, choose USB and after allowing some permissions you're ready to enjoy CarPC on your tablet/phone.

Bye for now  Fred

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