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So far it's looking good

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I received the dongle yesterday. So far it actually seems to be working well. Due to the location of the dongle in the vehicle, I switched to GPS reception through the antenna in the vehicle. This works quite well so far. Unfortunately, the dongle immediately loses connection in each tunnel. This and the now missing voice connection via the button in the vehicle are the only two minor problems at the moment. At least a little remedy can be created here by installing the Google Assistant. Then you have to get used to it. Unfortunately, telephoning is only possible via detours. For this I have to go back to the infotainment of the vehicle. The picture quality of the respective streaming services is remarkably good. At first the transmission got stuck. One has the feeling that the dongle has to warm up first. But when it ran, the quality was good. The screen just went off every now and then. You could hear the voice of the radio or the stream but the screen was black. I haven't had that before. So this is probably more due to the dongle than to the infotainment of the vehicle. All in all, the stick surprisingly seems to actually work. I have to admit I had my doubts.

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Thanks for your honest review! Hope you continue to enjoy your AADongle!