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Performance issues, black screen

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I have a few abnormalities when using the stick for a longer period of time. If AmiGo from TomTom and Radioplayer are installed, every time the car PC is restarted, AmiGo will first appear in freeze mode and then a radioplayer bar will appear at the top. If you click this away in time by pressing the cross, the actual start screen appears with a delay. If you miss this, the screen remains black with the AmiGo lettering on the top left and freezes. The only thing that helps is restarting the infotainment system in the vehicle. Rather bad in the long run. Furthermore, when using Waze, the screen goes black if it previously displayed "GPS signal not found". This every time. The radio player continues to play, but the screen is black for a few seconds to half a minute. In general, the processor seems to have trouble keeping the apps stable. It often takes forever for a response to a tap on the screen. I'm a little surprised, since the processor shouldn't actually be that bad. I hope that updates via OTA can still be used in the near future. Hope the development is not stopped here now after shipping.There is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of stability and response time.