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CarPC update tutorial (2.5.10) - 19.05.2023

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This is a short update tutorial to clarify the process of updating. Please be aware that flashing usually deletes all your personal programs and settings, it's your fault if you didn't made a backup 😉. Download folder is _here_  (backup folder is _here_)

Please download the correct firmware for your hardware to your harddisk and expand it. If not already done install Driver_Auto_Instal. Find the folder "SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_v5.1920_MT6762" and open it. First part finished.

Reboot your computer and navigate to the folder SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_v5.1920_MT6762, enter that folder and start flash_tool.exe as administrator (right click on the program and select "as administrator"). There will be an error message, just click ok and the program starts. We do have to select (choose) the correct scatter file in folder "carpc_Wifi-int-Rev2.5.10 or CarPC-EU-4G-Rev2.5.10 or CarPC-US-4G Rev2.5.10".

Select "Firmware upgrade" and then click the Download button. Now insert your CarPC into the USB port and start to wait. After 2 to 5 minutes (depends on your Windows PC) there will be a check mark telling you that the flashing process finished (see pic2). Wait for another 5 minutes before you remove CarPC, close SPFlash tools and reinsert CarPC into your USB on the computer (if you have installed Mirroid or Vysor) or insert it in your car's USB and the long wait begins. Your CarPC probably restart several times to install all software (there will be a yellow circle rotating) and finally restarts after 5-20 minutes showing a steady blue LED.

Update is finished. You have to set your time zone, language, probably time, connection to your phone (if you dont use the internal SIM card), you can check and reinstall all your programs and data and you can start helping the community to find errors and misbehaviors :-). Looking forward to your reports.

Bye for now  Fred

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Cheers Fred! This is very informative!