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As users of CarPC, we understand that it is constantly being improved.

However, it would be nice to see a changelog so we could see the new features, bug fixes, etc. for new firmware.

For example, what has changed between 2.5.18 and 2.5.24?

AP756 - Fred
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@heyadam, fully agree (would be nice). But as far as I know this info not available anywhere. Only thing I know: The developers are working on

  • screen problems (in some programs the buttons are too big and overlapping).
  • Android settings crashes often when trying to establish a Bluetooth connection (seems there are missing parts in system.ini).
  • VPN is not supported, system is cropped (some capabilities removed from system.img).
  • Volvo XC60 and some other cars do not accept CarPC, after some time the orange LED comes on = ADB seems to connect, but no AndroidAuto.
  • CarPC stops working after OTA update resulting in black screen.
  • Updates to programs using PlayStore are very slow or don't work at all (for patched versions).

These topics are under development and partly solved with the update 18 to 24. At least both of my Toyotas are working again after updating to 2.5.24. Just for reference

Bye for now  Fred

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