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[Sticky] Guiseppe's way to get his CarPC to connect

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Today I got a mail from Guiseppe. He had some trouble to run CarPC on his car. I just publish his mail as a very good example how users help users Thanks a lot Guiseppe for your mail.

Here is the slightly edited copy of his mail (unfortunately the pictures didn't transfer...):

Hi dear "Fred" i don't understand why, but I've been "banned" (once more!) on CarPC forum.

So I can't communicate on forum and I write to you to inform you about my experience:
As others here reported recently I had problems with connecting "android auto" of my CarPC and infotainment of my Skoda Kamiq. It worked perfectly for 10 months and then suddenly stopped working (unable to connect with the device anymore). A bit frustrated I kept the CarPC in its box for 4/5 months and then I updated OTA (with "Mirroid" on Win10 PC) to version 2.6.12. It worked for 3 days and then the same problem (unable to connect with device) happened! To eliminate any possible reason I took my car to the official Skoda service and they updated the infotainment system. But the CarPC  still didn't connect. I was going crazy, there was no reason why "android auto" kept being blank. 
I reconnected CarPC to "Mirroid" on the PC and initiated a factory reset. Just when CarPC wanted to restart (when the LEDs of the CarPC went off) I disconnected from the PC and connected to the car system. CarPC rebooted in the car (with the round yellow leds) and after a few minutes the car PC reconnected, "android auto" colored again and CarPC FINALLY WORKS! I don't know for how long but for now it connects!
If you have the same problems and cannot connect with "android auto", try deleting the "CarPC" device from "my devices" on the infotainment system and reconnecting the freshly reset CarPC.
I hope to be useful.
Thank you once again for the help you give on the forum.
Guiseppe, we have to thank you for your report. Much appreciated.
Bye for now  Fred
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Hello, has anyone managed to connect their smartphone to carpc pro once it is connected to the car? It's frustrating not to take advantage of this little wonder other than GPS navigation only.